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Personalized Online Tutoring 

Please see below for details.

Tutoring Experience

Throughout both high-school and university, I have TA'd multiple music courses, and have tutored music, biology and chemistry both online and in-person.

Specific (Ryerson) courses I have tutored:​

  • BLG411 (Cell Biology II)

  • BLG600 (Physiology)

I have been the "Crash Course" Instructor/Tutor with the Ryerson Science Society for BLG600 (Physiology), where we go over major course concepts and how to approach studying for tests/the final exam in a 2-hour online interactive session.

Teaching Experience

TA Experience:


2017-10 to 2018-04 - Music, Ryerson University 

  • MUS107

  • MUS300

  • MUS507

2011-2012 - Music (College School), various

Hourly Rates

Individual: $30
Groups (2-3): $20 per person
Groups (4-5): $10 per person

First appointment is 1/2 price. 

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